“E” is for Escape – A Final Act Of Love

Whether you call it ‘putting the dog to sleep’, ‘putting the dog down’ or ‘euthanizing the dog’,  it’s a subject no one wants to talk about.   Early this morning we made that difficult decision to put our almost 15 year old Bichon, Zoey, to sleep.  We are now left to second-guess our decision and wrestle with feelings of loss and guilt – it’s not peaceful at all for her humans!!

Euthanasia is a loving escape out of a painful body that doesn’t work.  She definitely had all the signs of suffering.  She was panting, falling down and stumbling, body stiffness, difficulty getting up and difficulty laying down.

She was an EXCELLENT companion for our family and we will truly miss her…

3 thoughts on ““E” is for Escape – A Final Act Of Love

  1. Oh Kathy! Our hearts are bleeding for you right now. I hope you feel our thoughts and prayers. So sad!

  2. Today I was watching a video about the dogs that worked during the 09.11 catastrophe. The videographer was talking about the fact that none of these dogs are still alive but his way of saying that was that, “they crossed the rainbow bridge to heaven.” I thought that was a true and perfect statement for any pets that are no longer with us.

  3. E
    I never met Zoey, but I remember the darling pictures that you sent out.
    This was not an Easy decision for you ,but just know that Zoey is at peace.

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