“Flower Power”

The last month, I was working diligently on an art quilt called, “FLOWER POWER”.  This is a piece I can only show part of, for now, because I am waiting to find out if it was juried into a show I entered.   I had a lot of fun designing the flowers with found fabrics, buttons, beads, stitching and a silk flower.  The textures really add to the bouquet that a bride is holding.  I’ve actually read online where brides and bridesmaids have carried artificial bouquets while walking down the isle.  I guess it is a different approach to having wedding flowers.  It certainly would be a keepsake forever while also saving the environment!



4 thoughts on ““Flower Power”

  1. Adore your work!

  2. Love this! Great job…..best of luck being “picked”

  3. Really love and envy your playfulness in your quilts.
    Hope it gets juried in…

  4. A la 1960s!

    Looks like you could smell them.


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