“Living The Life” by Kathy Zieben

The first 2016 quilt challenge theme is “The Orient Express”.   Being able to experience a world of timeless glamour and romantic adventure would be such a blast!  Boarding such a luxurious train and traveling European cities would be awesome.  Perhaps one day I will get to take a journey on the world’s most famous train.  I would definitely take my camera and capture everything that I might see!

I wanted my quilt to show the opulence and richness of the people who might take this kind of adventure.  They are definitely “Living The Life” and seeing the world.   Using the letters of the name, ORIENT EXPRESS, I decided to think of what would describe such a worldly travel experience.

O is OPULENT                               E is EXPENSIVE

R is RAVISHING                           X is eXtravagant

I is IMPROVIDENT                      P is PROFUSE

E is EXCESS                                   R is RICH

N is NOBLE                                    E is EXORBITANT

T is TACKY                                     S is SPLENDOR

                                                        S is SPOILED


My quilt began with a paper collage showing my interpretation of an Asian theme.  The collage was photographed and scanned onto fabric. It was machine quilted and hand embellished with beading.  Do you think these people are “LIVING THE LIFE”?


3 thoughts on ““Living The Life” by Kathy Zieben

  1. Helaine Lubetkin

    I need to come over and see all your quilts. Each one is a winner. Maybe you can tell me how you photograph and then scan onto fabric. It’s beautiful what you do!

  2. Shirley Isbell

    Looks like fun. You have another winner! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could see all the detail in person! Love you!

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  3. LOVE your quilt “Living The Life”. You did a fabulous job on it! Sushi anyone?

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