“INSIDE US ALL” by Kathy Zieben



What does the quilt challenge “Fine Line” mean to me?  It means there is a fine line between everything that we do (something or something else).  I am sure you have heard of all the expressions like:  clever or stupid, love or hate, genius or insanity, pleasure or pain, and courage or foolishness.  My thoughts went to a topic that was recently in the news, Transgender.   Bruce Jenner made this subject forefront in everyone’s minds when he decided to become Caitlyn Jenner.   Whether you are happy to side with his struggles or totally against this path in his life is beside the point.  I feel that we each have a little “boy” or “girl” inside of us all.  There is a fine line between male and female.  When I was growing up I loved to play in the dirt, participate in physical sports, or just be outside all of the time.  Most of my girlfriends were inside reading books or playing with dolls.  That labeled me as a Tomboy.  There were many boys that were labeled as effeminate or cowardly because they liked to play with dolls, didn’t like sports or wanted to sew.  They were called Sissies.

This quilt was designed to show how each boy and girl has both sides inside them and that is OK!!!

I started with a paper collage dividing each face into both genders.  The collage was photographed and scanned onto fabric.  The unicorn and rainbow fabric border the quilt.  Did you know that it represents a sarcastic expression of wellbeing referring to impossibly perfect conditions where everyone’s happy and nothing goes wrong?  Life is more than putting labels on people!  It is INSIDE US ALL…

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  1. So deep and thoughtful Kathy. Was this done for an entry, or just a little project during the day? Great!!

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