How does time get away from me?  I am on this computer all of the time but I just don’t stop to post my thoughts anymore.  I need to get better and try and be more disciplined.  Ok, enough of my self bashing…

Lately I have been busy dealing with aging parents and my own sore back issues.  How does one grab a laundry basket and pull a muscle in your back?  It seems so stupid yet I DID THAT!!!  Maybe the answer is to NOT do the laundry anymore. Unfortunately that isn’t practical.  But after visiting a wonder chiropractor, I am almost back to my “old” self.  That was a scary adventure in itself.  But I liked it because we solved the pain without heavy drugs which I don’t like to take.

Perry and I were able to escape to Colorado for a few days.  Getting out of the Houston heat was so wonderful!  We spent one night in Breckenridge.  Since there was a beer festival going on we decided to go check it out.  First day in that high altitude and it didn’t take long for one small beer to make me feel pretty good.  HA!  Here are a few pictures that I took from our day there.


One thing I noticed were the pretzel necklaces.  Everyone was wearing them so they could bite into it between tastes of the different beers.  I guess they cleansed your palate.  He didn’t look so happy about me taking his photo.  TOO BAD…


Lots of interesting characters!



We stayed at a lovely Bed & Breakfast called The Fireside Inn.  It was one block from the main street in town so you could walk everywhere.


The next day we drove to Aspen for four nights.  Rode the gondola to the top of the mountain so we could enjoy the Sunday noon Bluegrass concert.



Everyone was enjoying the sunshine and the great music!

More to come…


  1. What do I think? I think ya’ll had a great time and it was a much needed get away from the stress of watching your parents health go downhill.

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