Everyone I know has the problem with collecting objects.  Whether  it is clothing, collectable objects, or family treasures, how does one decided what to keep or what to toss?  Having someone come in and organize for you is worth every penny!!!  Do you remember the guy on Tv named Peter Walsh?  He was the clutter organizer.  He would point out that clutter clogs the mind.  When I heard him say that, it set off a light bulb moment for me!

When my friend’s house flooded, I was there to help them sort out their things.  We threw away water logged stuff and packed up  boxes with items that could be saved.  She was so happy to have my help.  But the only problem was weeks later when she started thinking about some of the stuff that we did throw away.  There are no “GO BACKS” as you know in trash…It only hurts for a second when you throw it in that black garbage back and then you have to forget about it.  

Alot of the things I have in my studio, I never touch.  So what motivates me to keep the stuff?  I think being an Artist puts you in a separate category.  Possibly one day I will use it in a project.  Hopefully one day I will give it to someone who needs it.   Perhaps I just like looking at it.  WHO THE HELL KNOWS why we collect certain things????

Have you ever seen the show “Hoarders” on TV?  I know that I am NO WHERE close to having the illnesses that those people have.  Emotional depression, family issues, or illness is what has gotten those people where there are.  There was a point in time where I could have seriously crossed the line with my many collections!!  But I also like to be very organized, neat and tidy.  I don’t like clutter!  So I organize, organize, organize all of the time!!!!  I don’t want my family to deal with my “stuff” when I am gone.  So if you can’t do it yourself then pay for someone to come in and do it now.  You just never know what tomorrow will bring.  

The photos were found on the internet and not taken by me.


Garage inside. Old broken car, shelves with tools and stacks of things.


2 thoughts on “IS IT TRASH or TREASURE?

  1. Rule of thumb – make two piles, keep or pitch. Put away all the keeps and call all the family and friends over and have them pick through the pitch pile. Give them a time limit or take photos and send them with a note, “Do you want this? Where shall I send it.” Otherwise, it’s going bye bye. There were many items I kept when my children were young (college dishes, table and chairs from aunt/uncle’s home, old photos, etc.) As it turned out, when they got married and their own homes, they didn’t want much of the stuff I saved so, out it went to friends or whichever truck came by that week for a pick-up. Houston Achievement Place, Paralyzed Veterans, etc., all pick up right at your front door. We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t take it with you.” If you haven’t seen, thought of, or touched it in over a year, do you really need it?

  2. Lol, fess up, those are really pics of your house. Kidding aside, I’m looking for my own Peter Walsh to come in and help me purge the studio. Thanks for the nudge to get going.

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