Recently we were out in San Diego and La Jolla visiting our daughter and soaking up the sunshine!   We had some delicious food while there, especially breakfast foods!  I love that about traveling, not cooking and getting to eat all your meals out!  Thank goodness we walked almost everywhere we went otherwise the pounds would have started to pack on.  There are so many wonderful walking trails which are so hilly.   And don’t forget the beautiful beaches and walking in the sand.  That is a great workout, too!

This first picture was from Cody’s in La Jolla.  It is on Girard Avenue.

IMG_9557_2This breakfast was from The Coffee Cup on Wall Street.


And my favorite food I discovered was an Acai Bowl at Turquoise Coffee in Pacific Beach on Cass Street.

IMG_9737So if you have an opportunity to make it out to San Diego and La Jolla, you have my recommendations for three restaurants.  I wish I was there right now!!  I am ready for some breakfast…