I have been so busy working on a few projects that I have finally finished my quilt for the Into The Woods Challenge.  It was inspired from a photograph that I took while on a family vacation in Deer Valley, Utah.   Using a fisheye lens to capture my son’s image touching a tree was my inspiration.  He appears to bend the tree with shear strength!  

Why does walking “Under the Canopy” of trees feel so powerful?  Can taking a walk help one gain a sense of peace and calmness?  ABSOLUTELY!  These giant structures makes you feel significantly better about yourself.  Breathing in the fresh air and hearing the crunch of leaves and twigs on the ground can melt your stress away.

This quilt started with a photograph that I collaged with words and images.  I scanned it onto fabric.  It was machine quilted with silk, paper, and metal leaves.  Glass bead leaves were added on the bottom.



4 thoughts on “UNDER THE CANOPY

  1. I love this quilt. I see something different in it every time I see it.

  2. Great Job! Very Interesting.

  3. Maggie Winfield

    Kathy, I love your quilt. As usual you really blow my mind with your creativity. Maggie

  4. You are so creative! What a fun quilt!

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