The Quiltart group that I belong to has us choose a word the will be our inspiration for the new year.  My word choice for 2015 is “seeing”.

I plan on be very observant this year and using my eyes to “see” creative inspiration in everything that I encounter.  This is the year that I plan on completing more fiber art than ever before.  I love working in the A4 size frame because it allows me to “see” my ideas on the fabric much quicker and complete more art quilts.  Another love that I have rediscovered is making fabric baskets.  “Seeing” different fabrics and colors is the motivating factor!  (although my sewing machine likes to fight me because I have already broken so many needles)     I will persevere…   My creative juices are flowing and I promise to “see”  more in 2015.


EYE SEE YOU  art quilt by Kathy Zieben
How about YOU? Tell me what your word will be…

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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