Speaking of dogs in my last posting, I made a quilt called “HOME IS WHERE THE MUTT IS”.  This quilt was inspired by a song that Elvis Presley sang called “You Ain’t Nothin But A Hound Dog”.  I did some research on the lyrics to this song and found that it was really about a certain type of man who was considered a “hound dog”.

But the personal twist that I put on my quilt was choosing to highlight a real “hound dog” in his home.  Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend.”  Speaking from personal experience, my dogs have always been a huge part of my life!  The dog featured over the fireplace mantel is my own Yogi Bear, who we lost a few years ago.  It is the actual quilt image that I had made that was selected for an exhibit called “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” last year at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas!

I started out with a paper collage in my art journal which I then scanned on to fabric.  It was machine quilted and hand beaded.  The silver charms on the bottom of the quilt put the final touch on the 8″ x 11″ quilt.

IMG_1716_2 IMG_1714_2



  1. That quilt is both sweet and fun! Love it!

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