A4 Challenge Play Group

You are probably wondering what does A4 mean?  I certainly did the first time I heard about that paper size.  As you know, outside of the USA they measure things in the metric system.  Here are the true A4 sizes:  A4 paper size is 210mm x 297mm, or 8.267 inches x 11.692 inches.   Letter paper size is 215.9mm x 279.4mm, or 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

I decided to become a member of this new challenge group that was formed on Quiltart.  I have belonged to this online internet group for many years.  It is the largest mailing list for innovative, contemporary art quilters.

The first challenge topic was called “Off To The Races”.  What do YOU think of when you hear that phrase?

My quilt is called GO, CLOWN. GO!

Life is a marathon and you are in it, so “OFF TO THE RACES.”   I immediately thought of something whimsical such as clowns, in clown cars, racing around a track.  My quilt started out as a paper collage which I scanned onto fabric.  It was machine quilted and hand beaded.  I used real balloons, used to made balloon animals, for fringe on the bottom of the quilt.


Up close view:


3 thoughts on “A4 Challenge Play Group

  1. I just joined the group and you and I are peas in a pod. We both enjoy some humor. Great to meet you thru QA, email and the blog today! LeeAnna

  2. It’s fantastic. I love it and the its message.

  3. Perfect for a circus nursery! Love it!

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