The letter “Z” is for Zieben!

The last letter of the alphabet is Z.  Since my last name starts with the letter Z, I decided to post my newest quilt block that I made for the ASTRONOMICAL QUILT BLOCK CHALLENGE.  I found this challenge to be fascinating when I first heard about it.  Astronaut Karen Nyberg, while on board the International Space Station, created a star-themed quilt block that she brought back to earth with her.  That block will be combined with other blocks that are submitted by International Quilt Festival attendees.  You can watch her sewing in space by following the link below:

My quilt block is called “Across The World & Into Space”.

Scan 1

The Quilt Block challenge is a variation on “stars”.  I decided to use stamps that showcased stars.  Since stamps go all around the world, I thought that would be my interpretation on the astronomical part of the theme. If you look closely at the stamps, many have stars on them, but a few are whimsical and have special meaning to me.   My block will be one of over 1,500 that will be pieced together to make a quilt and hung at this years International Quilt Festival.  Look for it if you go!  This year is the 40th-anniversary show and will take place the end of October.

One thought on “The letter “Z” is for Zieben!

  1. Kathy, I love your interpretation of the challenge. I am very impressed and I think it is really great. Maggie Winfield

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