The letter “X” is for TEXAS.

I know, I am stretching to use the letter “X” this time.  But TEXAS is like a whole other country to some people!  TEXAS is the second most populous state and the second largest of all the 50 U.S. states in the United States of America.  Houston is the largest city in TEXAS and the fourth largest in the United States.  We are also nicknamed  the LONE STAR STATE…

Since I am an art quilter, I designed and made this TEXAS quilt for a show that is currently traveling around the United States.  It is called “THE EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU”.


3 thoughts on “The letter “X” is for TEXAS.

  1. Linda W Miles

    Wonderful quilt to exhibit your pride in Texas!
    I am a Texan and think that Texas is the center of the earth.
    That makes me Xcentric…

  2. another fabulous creation Kathy. your talents are endless.

  3. Shirley Isbell

    OMG Kathy! That is an awesome quilt. I did not even notice the eyes until I read the title of the piece. AWESOME! Love It. The Longhorns are going to go NUTS over it! LOL!

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