The letter “W” is for WOMB.

You are probably wondering WHAT IS SHE THINKING about today…  Right????  But I recently read an article that caught my eye, with a title that read, “ALL MEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL”. 

As George Orwell quoted, “No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has EVER brought human equality a millimeter nearer.”

So I started thinking about the heart of democratic values so cherished by American sensibilities.  If all people are created equal, then why would any one person have authority over another?  Why should one person have access to power, wealth, or prestige in a way that another person does not?  ‘Did not the GOD that made me in the womb also make him?  And did not the ONE fashion us both in the womb?’ (Job 31:15)

I believe that all people are equal in the eyes of GOD who created us, but that does not mean we are all the same.  To be equal in worth does not mean we all have the same GOD given abilities.

Not all of us are leaders, or olympic athletes, (that was always my dream), singers in a rock band, lawyers, teachers, rabbis, famous artists, or photographers!  Our goal in life should be to contribute our talents to the world, each of us to live the values and practices that make for a better society.  Some work harder than others and make more of an impact.   And for me, I have a wonderful family and I am so proud of my children because they are making a difference in this world.




One thought on “The letter “W” is for WOMB.

  1. Shirley Isbell

    Beautiful photo and wise words!

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