The letter “U” is for underwater.

The the letter “U” threw me off just a bit which is why I haven’t posted for a while.  But then it came to me to use my last portraiture class assignment to use for the letter “U”.   First of all, taking photos of myself initially made me VERY uncomfortable.   I really enjoyed learning all about self portraiture and the famous photographers that excel in this genre.  One of my favorite street photographers, Vivian Maier, would take shots of her reflection in windows or mirrors.  So I thought, I can do this too!  I used my daughter’s underwater camera and took it up to our pool.  Here are my shots:


2 thoughts on “The letter “U” is for underwater.

  1. Kathy, I love your self portraits, especially the ones of you without the goggles. Very, very nice indeed. I think I love the motion of your hair and how you look in the water. Maggie

  2. Robert Mathews

    The first shot is very unflattering, but the others are much better. I like the form and texture of the second shot, and also the third (of the photographer). I admire your bravery! Bob

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