The letter “T” is for time.

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post!  Life sure does take you in all different directions.   What have I been doing with most of my time?  Well, I am working part time now.   It is wonderful to know that you are helping someone with their business and that what you do makes a difference.   I am still taking lots of photos but not with my  Canon 50D  camera anymore.  I shipped that off to my daughter.  I knew that the time had come for a much needed upgrade from her old Rebel camera.  That leaves me with a fun decision!  Which Canon camera to replace it with????  That is something that will take time, but I am looking forward to doing the research.

Since the Houston Rodeo is in town, I have taken the time to go and take lots and lots of photos.  As you know street photography is something I love.  Here are a few shots I captured:







2 thoughts on “The letter “T” is for time.

  1. Shirley Isbell

    Awesome candid photos!

  2. put those photos on your tumblr ᐧ

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