The letter “S” is for Shedding.

We were recently visiting my daughter in San Diego.  Talk about a gorgeous place!!!  The weather was absolutely perfect every single day.  If you follow my Facebook page you will see that I have been posting dog photos that I took on my trip.  Dogs are one of my favorite subjects.  I love the way they look you in the eye and make such a great subject.  But the reason I am talking about shedding is because I almost came home with a dog from this trip!  YEP, I had the opportunity to buy an English Lab.  This breed is wonderful!  I never knew much about them but researched everything that I could find.  We also had the opportunity to visit a breeder and see some ten day old puppies.  SO CUTE!!

But I did not make the decision yet because these dogs shed a lot and I know that is something that really might bother me.IMG_6203 IMG_6208 IMG_6214 IMG_6193


2 thoughts on “The letter “S” is for Shedding.

  1. nice double chin shot you got of me

    • Not sure , but think the appeal of Labri -Doodles is that they don’t shed.

      Jim and I got two rescue kittens , last year. We went in to get short hairs, but our hearts brought home medium haired cats. Thankfully, we have a bagless vacuum, or else we would spend more on bags than we do for cat food…

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