The letter “M” is for mosaics.

Something that used to keep me VERY busy was my mosaic work.  But when we moved a few years ago I had to give most of it up.   I lost my garage art space where I used to store and work on my mosaics.    The space that is required for just storing all the knick knacks can be very overwhelming!  (almost like a hoarder)  You also really need an outside area where breaking and smashing tiles and toys can be littered with ceramic shards and broken pieces.  I was a junk art mosaic artist which meant I shopped for the unusual small items, toys, and junk.   Although I will sneak a new mosaic piece in every once in a while, it isn’t top on my production list these days.  I am spending more time on my art quilts right now.   Here are two of my mosaic pieces that are hanging in my studio at the moment.

The first one is called “RED CHERRY”.  (10″ x 10″ with 4″ mirror)


This piece is called “POSH PINK”. (10″ x 10″ with 4″ mirror)

Image 1


Enjoy finding all the fun items you can spy in each one.  I think another mosaic is in the cards for me next week.  Every time I look at these I am motivated to make another one!

2 thoughts on “The letter “M” is for mosaics.

  1. I love these. I’ve always wanted to make one, and yours are very delightful.

  2. I have one of your pieces in my kitchen. Every time my grandchildren come over, they look for the cute little piggy. They will fight over it when they get their own places. Wonderful work. Very inspiring.

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