The letter “K” is for kitty

My neighbor has two adorable kitties that she often lets outside on her courtyard to sun.  Zoey always has to stop and a say hello to them. Most of the time they are NOT interested in her though, but she keeps on trying.  Since I always have my iPhone with me, I snapped a few images of them.  This is Beau, the male kitty who was outside and is a bit more friendly.



Abby stayed inside and looked at Zoey through the safety of the window.


Both Beau and Abby are Persian cats characterized by their round faces and shortened muzzles.  I think it makes the always look mean and indifferent about what is going on!



2 thoughts on “The letter “K” is for kitty

  1. Great Kitty captures. You nailed it! Had you not mentioned that the cat was behind glass, I would never have known. Thanks again!

  2. Funny pic of Zooey

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