The letter “H” is for Habitat

Your habitat is the area in which an organism or population normally lives.   I recently took a Self Portraiture class and this was the first assignment that I shared.  My photos were shot to make you feel like you were looking through a peep hole into my environment.  It is like a porthole into my daily life activities.  Although you can see the cable release that I used to take these shots, I wanted it to be front and center.  I wanted the “campy” feel of how intentional these shots would be to the viewer.

IMG_2279 IMG_2304 IMG_2310 IMG_2323 IMG_2345


I used my Canon 50 D with a fisheye lens and hood.


2 thoughts on “The letter “H” is for Habitat

  1. I like looking at your pics when I get this, but have little time to say much.


  2. You look very content in your habitat! Cheers to you!

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