The letter “C” is for Curly

Zoey is our ten year old Bichon Frisé.  The name is  French, meaning CURLY lap dog.  This is Zoey and me relaxing on the sofa.  She is looking at the camera with a funny expression in her eyes.


I never understood what was so endearing about this breed of dog until we owned our own Bichon.   They are wonderful, loving, happy, charming and independent  little  companions.   I know first hand because Zoey sticks to me like Velcro.  She follows me everywhere!  In fact she is sitting on my lap while I type away on my computer.

My sister and brother in law have owned this breed for over twenty five years!  This is a picture of Ed holding Lilly about two years ago.


Here is a photo of my friend Sandy with two of her Bichons, Jambo and Turbo from five years ago.


While attending a  yearly Bichon Palooza Party in Houston I snapped this next photo.    Can you imagine having thirty five  Bichons running around a backyard playing without any fights!  These three Bichons belonged to this couple that I did not know.  They were begging for food and I think they could have shared!


One thought on “The letter “C” is for Curly

  1. LOL! They certainly should have shared!

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