Welcome to My A to Z Challenge


Surfing around the internet this morning I ran across an old challenge that I had once participated in.


I’ve decided to go another round with it.   My goal is to use each letter of the alphabet and post something interesting.   In fact, when you make a comment, and I hope you play along,  and give me the first word that pops into your head using the given letter of the day.  Thanks for playing along…


My daughter began drawing her dog series when she was only a junior in high school.  She worked off of a photo to create this pastel painting of me getting a VERY wet kiss from Simone, my beautiful Dalmatian.    Many pieces of ART followed and that is why I have chosen the word “ART” to start off my “A to Z Challenge”.


If you are interested in seeing more of Avery’s art or commissioning her to draw your own pet portrait, click on the link to her work.




3 thoughts on “Welcome to My A to Z Challenge

  1. What a cool challenge, I’m going to do this next year, thank you for the idea!! ~Gina

  2. That painting should be titled “Pure Joy!” What a beautiful piece. Amazing Ability to capture the moment!

  3. Hooray!

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