Under The Water

My second class assignment for self portraiture class was due last night.   This time I decided to explore being submerged under the surface of  water.    Have you ever dreamed of being under water?   Sometimes that can mean that you are overcome with emotions and are “in over your head” regarding some situation.

Exploring this idea led me to believe that  it had something to do with my feelings about showing my quilt at The International Quilt Festival next month.   http://www.quilts.com/home/shows/viewer.php?page=FallFestival

My Yogi Bear quilt is juried into the exhibit called “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”.   The quilt was due in their offices  last week and  I must have been worried about the thought of having 60,000 people critiquing my quilt!

This is what drove me to choose an underwater theme.   I guess I needed to gain greater control over my life by masking my feelings and letting those emotions show through my photographs.  Here are my five photos that tell the story…






2 thoughts on “Under The Water

  1. This reminds me of a recurring dream about being able to capture the bubbles under water and reusing them to allow me to make it to the surface if I was escaping a sinking boat. I am sure Freud would have something to say about that! You look so comfortable under water. I love these pictures as I am all about the ocean.

  2. OMG! Reminds me how vulnerable we are under water with no apparatis. Look at the bubbles in your hair and the one forming in your nose LOL. In my imagination, I am thinking that those bubbles are natures way of helping keep the unprotected human afloat. The photos seem to show the human gaining confidence with knowledge of how to survive under water. So many of us still have that initial fear when going under. The highlights, bubbles, and distortions by the water are amazing.

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