A Look Into My Life

self-portrait is a representation of an artist,  photographed by the artist.    I am currently taking a self portraiture class at the Houston Center of Photography and I wanted to share these five photos that I used for my first assignment.  We were to take five photos that told a story.  There was no other direction given.  Taking photos of myself was not something I was comfortable with so it took my almost a week to do my homework!   I decided to use my fisheye lens and keep the hood on to give you a  “peephole”  look.  Although all the photos are staged and were thought out before hand, you can still get a sense of what I do day to day in my home.   It was meant to be  “tongue in cheek” moments  into my daily life.  I set up my tripod and used a cable release (which is visible in each photo) so you don’t take my photos too seriously.







I really needed that bottle of wine after this shoot!!!


4 thoughts on “A Look Into My Life

  1. Well done! I like the entire plan. The “peep hole” effect is perfect!

  2. Super creative….looks like how my days go…..loved it.

  3. Kabfarris@aol.com

    Love it!….and yep, wine at the end of the day is the BEST! 🙂 Kathryn Farris 713/882-9351

  4. That is a very special bottle of wine. One of my favorites. Only the best for you after a hard days’ work of laundry, computing, creating, cuddling, and cooking! Great work, my friend!

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