Thrifty Times

I love, love, love shopping at thrift stores!  You never know what you will find.  Sometimes you are looking for that special item but you end up with a “treasure” that you didn’t expect!  My experience began about five years ago when I was hunting for unusual fabrics.  I would buy clothes to cut up and sew back together in my quilts.  I can still tell you where I found a fabric when you are looking at some of my quilts.  (even how bad it smelled before i washed it)  The hunt brought on another addiction…  I started buying unique chatkes, old toys, and knick knacks for my mosaic work.  Here are two examples of what I would make and sell.

Image Image 1

My garage quickly filled up with bins and bins of the stuff.   Everywhere I went I would see more and more really strange items.  I had a blast shopping at the thrift stores with my friend, Debby!  She was like a personal shopper and would point out things she thought I would need.  But I have stopped my mosaic “addiction” over the last two years.  I just don’t have the room to store any more items.  Now I concentrate on finding fabrics for my quilting.

Recently I have started looking for moments that catch my eye for my street photography.   This is one of my favorite images:


This boy was waiting for his mother to finish her shopping.  Today is a thrift store shopping day for me.  I wonder what treasure I will find????


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