Clowning Around and Around


Summer always brings a fun distraction into my life!  Clown School starts and we get a whole group of new ‘Joeys’ that will come into our Alley after they graduate.  YES, you might ask, GRADUATION FROM CLOWN SCHOOL????  New clowns actually walk across the stage and receive a diploma.IMG_1522

I went to Clown School the summer of 2002.  It was the summer after 911 and I welcomed the distraction.  I met so many wonderful people that lifted my spirits and welcomed me into a group that serves charitable events.  We also volunteer at numerous locations.  I am TIC TOC the clown.  IMG_3720

We choose our names and define our individual makeup that no one else can ever copy.  Clown school runs about 10 weeks and you learn everything from the history of clowning, putting on makeup, hospital clowning rules, and upholding the traditions of clowning.

If you are interested in becoming a clown just check out the link to Cheerful Clown Alley.

IMG_1533 IMG_1536 IMG_1587 IMG_1537

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