Mother’s Day Twist

I decided to use Mother’s Day to write about a quilt I made last year for a special person in my life.  We always laugh about  how to introduce each other to people since I am no longer married to her son.  Phyllis is my EX-Mother in law from my first marriage.  But we always loved each other and continued to be close.   I adore visiting her and love spending time walking the beach, talking and sharing my life with her!  Phyllis was the inspiration behind making my first portrait quilt.  I had taken a class with Esterita Austin at The Houston Quilt Festival on making portrait quilts. I was armed with a fabulous photo that I had taken of her on a previous visit and only a little knowledge.  But I had the drive to push through this task and tackled this portrait quilt!  Phyllis decided to turn it into a pillow so she could put it in her favorite chair.

2012-01-07_15-50-11_563 IMG_6843

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Twist

  1. Shirley Isbell

    You are so amazing. Thanks for sharing again!

  2. Love it!

  3. Hi Kathy, There is no such thing as an ex-mother-in law as long as you have a child from that union. I had mine come live with me for awhile. We were not best friends, but she needed us and her grandkids loved her/needed her. She died a few years and still today I simply referr to her as the kids Grandmother.

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