The real “OPTICAL ART”

OP ART, also known as OPTICAL ART, is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions. Flash back to 1964 and this is what you think of.


But now I am talking about MY original OPTICAL images.  I was thinking of making a quilt out of them.  I had my eyes tested recently and this is what they give you.  Yep, you walk away with images of your eye balls!  How cool is that?

Zieben_Kathy-_4-18-13_Right EyeZieben_Kathy_4-18-13_Left Eye


3 thoughts on “The real “OPTICAL ART”

  1. I’m dizzy!

  2. Shirley Isbell

    Kinda creepy and Halloweenish. LOL!

  3. Way cool, and otherworldly. Planetary orbs!

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