Mini 20 Patch Quilts

I have been really busy in my studio these past few weeks creating baby/toddler quilts.  I call them “The Mini 20 Patch Quilt.”  Of course I made that up!  My great nephew Henry had something similar with him the last time he was in town visiting.  It was called a Tag Blanket.  That is when the lightbulb went off in my brain.  I thought, “I CAN DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT” but make it better!   So I designed my own Mini 20 Patch Quilt to give as baby/toddler gifts.   I think they will provide comfort at bedtime for small toddlers or a fun object to carry with them during daytime play or on car trips.  What I especially like about my Mini 20 Patch Quilt is that one day it will be a keepsake of their childhood.  Can you imagine in 30 years finding this small mini quilt tucked away in a box of their childhood memories?  These Mini 20 Patch Quilts are only about 15″ by 11″.

The next step is to make them on a commission basis for people needing a one of a kind gift for the birth of a baby or a toddler’s birthday.  Let me know!


Front view


Back view


Front View


Back view


Front view


Back view


3 thoughts on “Mini 20 Patch Quilts

  1. They’re great Kathy. Love them.

  2. They are cute!

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