A Little Bit of Yiddish

Yiddish is the language that was used by my parents and grandparents when they didn’t want us to know what they were saying.  It was used by Ashkenazi Jews that is related to the German language.  There were an estimated 11 million fluent Yiddish speakers before the Holocaust, but today there are many less who understand it.   In America it is experiencing a revival and even my Christian friends find they use some of the words without realizing it.  Yiddish is actually written in Hebrew letters but the transliteration is in English.

One of my favorite words growing up was BUBELEH.  It is a term of endearment for children.   My mother would start every single  letter  she ever wrote to me with the words,”My Dear Sweet Bubeleh”.   My children call their grandmother BUBBE, with means grandmother in yiddish.  We all eat bagels with a SCMEAR of cream cheese.   You have a SCHNOZ on your face.   Someone who is  is a jerk is a SCHMUCK.    If you feel like you have “ants in your pants” then you have SCHPILKES.

And THIS GUY is MESHUGGENER or crazy!  Caught him buying this African statue at a resale shop last week.




One thought on “A Little Bit of Yiddish

  1. OMG, that photo! At first I thought he was holding a large machine gun! That would truly be a bisl meshugah!

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