Stop Hatred

Today is the 60th anniversary of Yom HaShoah, the Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day.  If there is ONE main message on this Holocaust Remembrance Day it’s that the kind of hatred that sparked the Holocaust isn’t gone, and even exists in our own community.  Hate is still happening in today’s world and it’s important that we pay attention and try to stop it!

Last year I designed a quilt called “IT TAKES A NATION”.  I wanted people to pay attention to stopping hatred before it has a chance to spread.  Education is the key…   My hope is that current and future generations will speak out against bias and stereotypes that can lead to violence and even genocide!

it takes a nation


detail image:

it takes a nation upclose


5 thoughts on “Stop Hatred

  1. Especially after today’s bombings in the Greater Boston area, it is even more obvious that we as a collective need to work on peace in our world and less hate!!

  2. Margo Withers

    This is so powerful. I was in the middle of watching the PBS Special on Rafael Schaechter and the Verdi Requiem sung by the Jews at Terezin when my friend, Cynthia, called me about this latest quilt. I have also seen posts of your other ones… What a message you send!

  3. Thanks so much for a powerful piece of art and a meaningful sentiment.

  4. Shirley Isbell


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