Police: SC woman stabs boyfriend, throws his fake leg in yard to keep him from chasing her!

How can this NOT be an April Fool’s joke in the news today?  REALLY?  Can’t you just picture this in your mind?   SHE IS THE APRIL FOOL…This woman better get her anger under control!   Last night we went to the Astro’s opening game at Minute Maid Park.  It has been a while since I have attended a professional sporting event and I was shocked at the emotional level of the fans!  They were booing and screaming at people they did NOT like.  This little boy in the photo was one of the loudest of them all…


Then the flip side was when the Astros made a fantastic play.  The fans screamed and yelled at a higher frenzy!


I think I enjoy watching baseball from my own seat in my living room.  That way I can hear the play by play calls and get up and move around when I want without someone yelling in my ear!


One thought on “APRIL FOOL

  1. The fans are why I would NEVER want to go to a sporting event. Of course, I am not a fan of any football, baseball etc teams . That game was on out tv last night on and off – I wondered if you wre there – should have looked closer !!

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