A Mitzvah

Today I infused higher meaning into my life and it felt great!  I did a mitzvah for a dear, dear friend.   You might ask, “WHAT IS A MITZVAH?”  The word “mitzvah” means “commandment.” In its strictest sense, it refers only to commandments instituted in the Torah; however, the word is commonly used in a more loose way to refer to any good deed.

Marilyn has battled cancer for such a long time that I thought I would make her a HEALING QUILT to lift her spirits.  She is the mother of my good friend, Robin.  I was very sneaky about how I went about creating this quilt.  Robin told me what her mother’s favorite colors were.  As you can see they are black and red.  The patterns on the front and back were my own creation.  Shopping for the  fabric choices was lots of fun.  I actually didn’t want a front or back but made both sides to be used equally.  If you look closely there is a small square of an elephant, with his trunk lifted high.  I had heard that meant GOOD LUCK.  I just hope that my quilt will bring her healing energy, strength, and courage to wrap around her!


IMG_2263 IMG_2262

Not only did she receive this special gift today but I also made her some of my famous fried chicken for her dinner tonight.


9 thoughts on “A Mitzvah

  1. Dear Kathy, Marilyn told me about the QUILT, it is truly a work of ART. You are so talented. I am Marilyn Levine sister-in-law or Maurice Levine’s sister, I met you on a trip to Houston several
    years ago. I have tried to make a copy of the quilt pictures, but
    can’t find a way to print the above pictures. Maybe Robin can send
    me an Email. I will be in Houston next month, perhaps I’ll get a chance to see some of your other work. Regards, Marilyn Lasof

  2. What a wonderful mitzvah, Kathy. Isn’t quilting wonderful? You can do something great for someone, and have so much fun doing it! Thanks for the lovely story and great photos!

  3. Kathy, I was listening to an inspirational tape this morning that said doing for others and having compassion are the actions on the path to enlightenment. You can see the gratitude in your friend’s mother’s face. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have a heart of gold, Kathy! What a lovely gift!

  5. That is really sweet. I am sure she loved it and it will definately do its job in raising her spirits.

  6. What a wonderful idea you had when you decided to make Robin’s courageous mother this quilt. That was such a sweet thing to do and you did (as usual) such a spectacular job! I’ve only met Robin and not her mother but I can now see where Robin gets all her beauty from. You forgot to show a picture of you’re yummy famous fried chicken too. Ha! You’re a very talented person with a “good heart”. Be proud!

  7. Cynthia Oualline

    I am so pleased to call you neighbor and friend. What a beautiful gift of love you gave your friend!

  8. You are a wonderful friend…..a “Mitzvah Maven” for ALL you do for those around you…….Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated!

  9. Helaine lubetkin

    Kathy, it is just amazingly beautiful. You have way too much talent girlfriend!

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