Guilt is ALWAYS in style

When our hair—or mood–demands a change we tend to get our hair cut.  If you have ever felt this way give me an “AMEN”!   Hairdressers tend to get in a rut—cutting the same-old, same-old style.   Sometimes  “new hair” comes only with a new hairstylist.  But changing hairdressers is a real, often secret, pain point for women.  We feel GUILTY trying out new salons or new stylists.   Over the past few months I have experienced this problem.   I have had my hair cut and styled a few times and I still don’t like what I am paying for.  Why don’t  men go through this situation?

I was at a new salon just this week and snapped a few photos.  Lately I have been taking lots of photos with my iPhone.  Probably because of my photojournalism class.




One thought on “Guilt is ALWAYS in style

  1. Shirley Isbell

    I just got another poor cut. The good ones always seem to move away. That’s $$$$ down the drain for sure.

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