Misunderstood or Understanding

Esoterica is information understood by a small group and usually misunderstood by a larger group.  This is how I feel in my photojournalism class.   The teacher understands what he wants from us but I don’t understand how to voice it yet.  He keeps telling us to ask yourself, “WHAT IS THE STORY?”   Well, how much does story plays a part in my images?   I do not know the answer to that question yet.

When I take a photo do I try to speak, sing, inform, protest, depress, honour, lead, monumentalize, mystify, convert, entertain, tease, uplift, amuse, eulogize or cause people to think?   DEFINITELY!!!    Is the photo a tribute to my process and my way of working or is my photo’s story (or non-story)  define not only my work, but me?   It is all so confusing right now!

Here are a few images I took last week.


Riding the Metro rail to the livestock show…


Carnival time…



Zak Brown look alike from his concert at the rodeo…



Shooting the cows…

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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