Yesterday was a thrift store shopping day.  I just love those days! Have you ever noticed how different the people are that shop in them?  You get all types of people.   My friend Debby and I tried very hard to find that one special item to take home.  We did see lots of other people buying stuff.

This lady found a VERY old stationary bike.  When I asked her about it she started to tell me about her VERY athletic daughter that could use some extra time cycling.  The bike was so old and rickety that I doubt a 16 year old would love it.



Then I found this guy shopping for new shoes.  But why would he be wearing blue covers over his current ones?  I asked him about it and he told me he was a carpet cleaner and stopped on his lunch hour to buy a new pair of sneakers.  I think he found just the right pair.



The last person I noticed was one of the workers at the Goodwill Store.  He was enjoying himself and having a good time playing with the merchandise before putting it on the shelf.   Need a pink baseball helmet and bat?  NOT TODAY…


We felt just like this doll at the end of the day.  It was exhausting hunting for a treasure but unfortunately came up empty!




One thought on “ALL or NOTHING

  1. One of my daughters, work at a GoodWill. She can’t even buy from the same store that she works …Bummer

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