Nail Art Phenomenon

Most women love their painted nails and toes.  A day at the salon makes you feel energized and beautiful.  But when Lady Gaga or Katy Perry sport their high concept manicures, it makes you think about something altogether different!  While surfing around the internet this morning I ran across these images of some of the most outlandish designs for your fingers.  These nails aren’t for your typical housewife who lives in suburbia and does housework or dishes!

nailympics020413_001-4_3_rx512_c680x510 nailympics020413_013-4_3_rx812_c1080x810 nailympics020413_006-4_3_rx812_c1080x810


The “Nailympics” are held every year in London.   People strain against the ropes to watch the world’s best nail technicians work against the clock in the fantasy competition.  Pretty cool, huh…

I think I will head out and get a manicure later today!


3 thoughts on “Nail Art Phenomenon


    Wow! Maybe you should open up an artsy nail salon like that!!!!

    Wonder how long that stuff stays on and how those people function??

    Interesting………….thanks for sharing!

  2. I guess they won’t be doing the dishes for a while! LOL!

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