Possessions!  The very word is potent isn’t it?   Wikipedia says that ownership means having property, objects, or gains.  I have possessions.   To possess means to gather and keep.   “I  am simply possessed by the idea of possessing possessions at times.  Let’s face it, collecting is a word that too easily rolls off my tongue!  I wouldn’t say I possess my dog and cat.  But I do have a pretty good sized collection of vintage ashtrays.

Each week my friend and I go on a hunt for things we don’t even know we want.  That is what is so much fun about thrift store shopping!

But I am trying very hard this new year to stop the accumulation of  “things” which have taken over my studio.  My new rule is:  When something new comes in, something old must go out!  Two years ago I gave up my huge collection of cookie jars that I had collected over 20 years.  I only kept a few of my favorites.  Last year I gave up most of my older fabrics that I knew I would never use.  What was I thinking when I bought them?   My  taste has changed and so has the direction of my art quilts.     For 2013  I plan on de-cluttering anything that is unnecessary!  I think giving up 80% of my mosaic possessions was a feat for me to already starts off the new year.  I am proud of myself!!

What do YOU feel possessed by?



4 thoughts on “Possessions

  1. Hi! I live by your new rule! It works! My studio is in a cooperative gallery setting with twelve other artist’s spaces. There is no place to put anything except inside the four walls! It got filled quickly! Unlike “home studios” where one can “temporarily” dump a new stash of “stuff” into another part of the house, I don’t have that luxury! I started using the “If one thing goes in, another must go out” rule about eight years ago. I’ve never regretted getting rid of any of the stuff that has left during the past years. At that same time, we had a house fire. It wasn’t totally horrible … just the roof and all the contents of the attic plus one back wall … but everything had to be put into storage while the structure was rebuilt. During the four and a half months when we lived down the street in a furnished apartment, we learned that we really didn’t need most of our stuff! I had exactly two dresses, three t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and flip flop sandals plus some of my underwear. (It was summer). No one even noticed that I was wearing the same clothing. No one really cared! When the house was finished and the “stuff” came back, my husband Steve and I made a pact. We decided to downsize by at least 30% except in the kitchen … which had to downsize by at least 50% since we didn’t have one of the walls with all the shelves and cupboards put back in. It was easy and we never regretted it. We still laugh every Thanksgiving because we decided to keep one of the TWO TURKEY BASTERS we had! Why would anyone had TWO! We did! Good luck with your resolution! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kitchen gadgets! If it is a neat tool, I have to try using it in my kitchen. Some I use all the time and some, rarely. New rule: If it doesn’t do at least 2 things or I don’t use it more than once a year, out it goes! Donating to the collection trucks is easy and a tax deduction at the end of the year. My time is worth too much to try to sell, the tax deduction is sufficient for the joy I had hunting and gathering the things I am now ready to let go.

  3. Good plan! When you give up your collections, what do you do with them – sell the items, donate them? It seems that once the decision is made, it’s best not to have them hanging around, and that’s where I come unstuck – I’d like them to be “useful to someone else” – but how to find that person?

  4. Am I a possession or just possessed?

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