Art Journal Class

This year I decided to take an art journal making class while attending the Houston Quilt Festival.  The teacher was Naomi Adams and she was excellent.  Not only did we get to sew on brand new, state of the art sewing machines but I was able to pick up a new skill that perhaps one day I will teach to others!  Thank goodness for my iphone because I used it to take pictures of each step I took.  (mainly so I would remember how I made it)

Here is the finished product:

These are only some of the steps that it took to get to that finished journal.  Tearing the paper for the journal pages.  You have to decide what size you want your book to be.  The metal ruler is used to offer a really good edge to tear.

Sewing the cover together and then quilting it was the next step.  Some people used applique but I didn’t.

Punching the spine and getting it ready to stitch the “medieval” binding was one of the last steps.  We used embroidery thread for this and it was done by hand.
The last step was adding the closure.  I chose a button with a ribbon strip.


Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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