How stressful was YOUR day?

The way you sleep can give startling insights into your personality according to body experts.  Sleeping positions can determine your outlook on life.

The Foetus position.  They say the higher the knees and lower the head the more internal comfort you give yourself. Foetus sleepers are conscientious, ordered and like things in their place but they can over think things and worry unnecessarily.  They can be tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax.

More than half of adults sleep this way, including ME!

The Log position.  You have heard the expression “I slept like a log”?

The sleeper in this position fully extends their head, neck, arms, legs and body all stretched out in a straight line.  These sleepers are easy going, social people who like being part of the in-crowd, and who are trusting of strangers. However, they may be gullible.

The  Yearner.   This has two possible meanings!  Your arms are outstretched as though you are chasing your dreams, conversely it can mean you are being chased.  They have an open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it.

Yearners are their own worst critics always expecting great results in everything they do, which can mean giving up to quickly with things that don’t go their way right from the off.

The  Free-faller.  They sleep with the whole body outstretched flat on their stomach, arms at right angles, hands gripping the pillow as though holding on for dear life, physically the least comfortable position to sleep for most adults.

Freefallers can wake up feeling like they still have things leftover from the previous day, which can make them feel over anxious about getting things done today.  They are often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin-skinned underneath, and don’t like criticism, or extreme situations.

The Soldier postion.    This is lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides. People who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved. They don’t like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.

 The Starfish position.   This is lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow. These sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don’t like to be the center of attention.

Which one are you?  Let me know…


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