Bluegrass Banjo

Most of you do not know that my husband Perry plays the five string banjo.  In fact when I first started dating him I thought it would be cool to give him one for his birthday.  I remember my brother took me to a well known pawn shop that was owned by someone my father was friends with.  I selected the one I wanted and gave it to him.   He was shocked!  I was so proud of myself.  That was a good gift!

Now almost 31 years later he has accumulated more banjos than he needs but that is OK.  I won’t tell you what I collect!  Ha…

Recently our great niece and nephew were over the house and Perry pulled out his banjo and played for them.  They were fascinated by it.

You can’t see the signature on the front but Ricky Skaggs signed it for me.  When he was in town for a concert in Sugarland, his banjo player’s instrument didn’t make it in time for the show.  The people putting on the show (a local church) were friend’s with my daughter and they remembered that Avery’s dad played the banjo.  They called us and wanted to borrow it and of course I said yes.  If we hadn’t had tickets to the show already they were going to give us free ones.  I just asked if we could come backstage after the show and get his autograph.  If you aren’t familiar with Ricky Skaggs here is one of his tunes:


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