A new Oliver

Ryder is my friend Debby’s new dog.  Yesterday I got to spend some time with him getting know all of his “puppy” nuances!  He is already 9 months old but still has lots of piss and vinegar.  Trying to capture him staying still was almost impossible.  When I call her you can hear Ryder with a squeaky toy in his mouth chomping away!  He is a FAWN Doberman considered to be very rare.  He is one gorgeous dog!

Of course being around a bigger dog always makes me miss my Yogi Bear.  He has been gone now 8 months now!



3 thoughts on “A new Oliver

  1. That’s my baby dog Ryder! He’s like having a toddler and he wears me out. Those are great pictures you took of him. You always seem to be able to capture the “best” pictures!!! Great photographer!

  2. A million years ago, I had a neighbor with a sweet little black doberman. The Doberman was so sweet that she could not let the dog out in the front yard, the other neighborhood dogs would chase him away.
    I am enchanted by Ryder’s outstanding upright ears. Will they stay standing?

  3. Dogs like that could put ADT out of business!

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