“Fear of Missing Out,” according to psychologists, is pandemic and getting worse. For us creative folks, FOMO is not just a social disorder, it can be a career killer. 

I know we all feel that  there is something better or more fun out there than what we must be doing at the time.  The internet, television, shopping, and being with friends are all temptations that can be very troubling at times!  How often have you gone to an art festival or museum and walk away thinking “I CAN DO THAT”.  But do you really go home and try the technique?  NO…  

I love watching HGTV and wish I could snap my fingers and have my home remodeled or styled by professionals.  Don’t you?

Luckily the older we get the less likely we are to get off track.  They say our golden years can be highly productive if we just “stay the course”.

(even saying that phrase makes me want to book a cruise)  Can you tell I am still guilty!  

This is one of my art journal pages…


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