A Day of Culture

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts today “ALONE” to see the new exhibits.  This way I can move around at my own pace.   I loved the work of Antonio Berni.

His work reminded me of my weird mosaics and drawings.  It was part of the master works of Malba.


This shot was taken in the tunnel going from one building to the other.  You know me, I can’t resist taking some photos while I was there.  It’s a cool shot I think!

Afterwards I stopped at this foodie truck for chicken on a stick.  It wasn’t bad but not great.  It was my first time ordering from a food truck.  They are parked in their parking lot and every Thursday they have a different one.

I came home after running errands and fed Zoey her dinner.  Just as I started to walk her and I made it around the curve of my street and past the guard house it started to pour.  This rain is so unpredictable we are having.  But it is better than last summer with that horrible drought!!!

After writing this post the sun has come out again.  I will try to take her out now.



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