When is “OLD” old?

Our cat Caesar is almost 20 years old.  Has he slowed down?  …YES…  Does he act like he is 20?  …NO…  How do you figure out cat years to human years?  I know dogs are seven to our one.    But actually he is 97 years old!!!  Wow…

If you have a cat you can calculate their age here:


Caesar sleeps most of the time and loves to eat and drink water.  But his coat is still healthy and his bones aren’t sticking out too much.  He gets around quite well.  Here is a photo of him in my art studio.  He is sitting on a pile of clothing donations.

But he does still have a loud meow!  He can’t hear anymore so he doesn’t realize that he is actually VERY, VERY loud especially when he is hungry.  Caesar knows when we are eating dinner and will sit in a chair and stare at me waiting for a morsel.

Caesar has been a great cat!

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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