The letter “X” is for xenophobia.

Xenophobia is a fear of strangers or of persons different from oneself.  If you are a street photographer you can’t have this fear!  Taking a photo of a stranger and walking away can be a very scary endeavor, especially when you are looking for that one special shot!  Sometimes you are trying to capture a feeling or look on a stranger’s face.  I love this genre of photography the most!

One thought on “The letter “X” is for xenophobia.

  1. thepinkrachael

    I love this type of photo too – but have to rely on the work of others for it, I can never work up the courage to photograph anything in front of other people! One night out sticks in my head really clearly – we’d been to a couple of punk/metal/alternative bars, and gone outside (to share maltesers with the doormen for some reason if memory serves?!). Between the two bars was an alley type area with doorways, fire escape stairs and all these people hanging out there – smoking, or chatting, or waiting to meet people etc. It would have made the most amazing photo, and in my head it did – just never got as far as my camera.

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